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UAS Monitoring

Our Unmanned Aerial System Monitoring services cover a wide range of necessities, from Environmental Monitoring Services to Inspection Services to even Oil Spill Mapping. We count with multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with varying capabilities to guarantee our client’s satisfaction. Our pilots are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, and professionally trained to exceed the industry standards. Our cutting-edge analysis techniques utilize advanced algorithms to ensure the full harnessing of useful data.

The UAS system (hardware and software) is configured to help us not only on the detection of the oil, but also to provide identification of variations on the signature of the floating oil that could be related to qualitative thickness variations on real time. This system allows to observe on a large monitor (located inside or outside the cabin of the vessel) the aerial view of the oil as seen by thermal sensors. This allows tactical position of the vessel for the sampling procedures by efficiently targeting the areas of most interest 

drone operations screen.jpg
drone operations screen2.jpg
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